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Question: Is there a maximum number of myMix units in a system? [Show Answer]
Question: Does myMix have an online FAQ? [Show Answer]
Question: How long can I record for? [Show Answer]
Question: What is the largest SD card supported? [Show Answer]
Question: We are a band with four musicians, how many myMix do we need? [Show Answer]
Question: Can I use the headphone outputs and the line level outputs at the same time? [Show Answer]
Question: We are four musicians with seven mics/instruments, but the keyboardist needs three channels. There are only two inputs per myMix, how would we connect his third input? [Show Answer]
Question: If we connect our instruments/mics directly to myMix, how do we get the signal to the FOH console? [Show Answer]
Question: What kind of headphones do you recommend, is there something special to look for? [Show Answer]
Question: Our singer uses an in-ear system, but our guitar player wants to use his wedge, can we use both for myMix? [Show Answer]
Question: Can I plug my guitar directly into myMix, or do I need a guitar amplifier? [Show Answer]
Question: Does myMix require an Ethernet switch? [Show Answer]
Question: What type of Ethernet switch do I need for a myMix system? I want to buy a POE switch for myMix, what should I look for? [Show Answer]
Question: Can I use have a myMix system where some units are powered by the included power supply and some are powered by POE? [Show Answer]
Question: I see a lot of switches with 4 POE ports and 4 non-POE ports. Are there any POE switches with 8 POE ports? [Show Answer]
Question: How do I save my settings to profiles? [Show Answer]
Question: Why would one ever want to select Input type Mono, and not just leave dual mono and simply not using the spare input? [Show Answer]
Question: How does the master EQ work? [Show Answer]
Question: Do I need the master EQ? [Show Answer]
Question: How many effects are on myMix? [Show Answer]
Question: Are ethernet switches necessary in order to use this IEX16L? [Show Answer]
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